The 'Cocked, Locked, Ready To Rock!' tour will go all across Europe this summer

After much time of turmoil and rumours, Aerosmith have at long last announced for their upcoming European tour; the ‘Cocked, Locked, Ready To Rock!’ tour.

The band will be fronted by none other than…Steve Tyler. Yes, that’s right. In a total, complete and utter shock move Aerosmith’s next tour will feature the same singer the band have used for the past 40 years. Calm down folks.

The announcement of the tour, and Steve Tyler’s re-addition to the band after a statement from the band last month said they would be auditioning for a new singer, was made on the band’s YouTube channel.

Steve Tyler lead the video annoucning “We’re comin’ to the UK and Europe this summer so grab your ankles, we’re comin’ in for landing, baby!”

Vocalist Tyler also made light of the fact the band had been in the stages of auditioning for a new singer, cuing laughter from the rest of the band, proclaiming “I just auditioned and I got the gig. We’re comin’ your way and rockin’ your world!”

The announcement was also made on the band’s official website, outlining the 11 planned European tour dates, including their headlining of the main stage at this year’s download festival.

The dates are as follows:

  • Sweden – Rock Festival – June 10th
  • UK – Download Festival – June 13th
  • UK – London 02 Arena – June 15th
  • Romania – Bucharest – June 18th
  • Greece – Athens Olympic Stadium – June 20th
  • Holland – Nijmegen Goeffert Park – June 23rd
  • Belgium – Graspop Festival – June 25th
  • Spain – Barcelona St Jordi Arena – June 27th
  • France – Paris Bercy Arena – June 29th
  • Czech Republic – Prague 02 Arena – July 1st
  • Italy – Venice Festival – July 3rd

It has been three years since Aerosmith have taken the stage in Europe and guitarist, Joe Perry, is adament that the are back and better than ever before.

The legendary fret-master said: “Enough BS – we’re coming and everything is going to be set at eleven.”

Tickets for the band’s appearance at Download festival are already on sale, and tickets for their other dates are expected to go on sale shortly.

Source: Aero Force One – The Official Aerosmith Website