Kiss are currently in the middle of a worldwide tour to promote their latest record, Sonic Boom

Kiss announced a one-off small venue gig earlier this week, taking place next Tuesday (2nd March) at the Islington Academy in London – a small venue, especially compared with the arena venues the band are so used to playing.

Tickets went on sale the day of the announcement, 24th February, at £40 a pop. Predictably, however, tickets were sold out within the day and began appearing on eBay for anywhere up to £700 for a pair.

The high demand, but low capacity of the venue, has meant that ‘re-sold’ ticket prices have remained high, with many sellers asking anything from £500 upwards for a pair of tickets to see the NYC quartet.

An eBay seller I interviewed, who was selling a pair tickets for just over £400, defended such sales stating he was merely supplying a demand.

At the end of the day people want these tickets, but they’re sold out. I have them so I’ll sell them on at what they’re worth which is what people are willing to pay for them.

Whether that’s at £50 or £200, it doesn’t matter. The ticket companies have measures in place to stop you buying too many anyway, so I don’t think we’re taking tickets away from people.

It’s always happened – it’s not a new thing.

Either way, whether you’ve paid £40 or £400 for your tickets, you’re almost certainly in for a treat. Kiss are notorious for putting on some of the most stunning live performances in the world of rock and roll, which will only be amplified a hundreds times over in a small venue such as the Islingtion Academy.

Just try not to get too close to those pyrotechnics, or Gene Simmons’ mean-looking bass!

Kiss performing in Stolkholm in 2008. Imagine those flames right in your face!