New album come the summer, and a two-year starting in a few weeks. HellYeah are working hard!

Vinnie Paul, drummer of metal collaboration Hellyeah, has revealed new details about the band’s new album and upcoming tour in an interview with RevolverTV.

In the video Vinnie Paul (of Pantera fame, as well as side-projects Damageplan and Rebel Meets Rebel) revealed that the album, which Vinnie penned as having a more southern rock & roll feel, will be released on June 1st.

He went on to spill that the band’s two-year long worldwide tour will begin on April 24th in Tampa, Florida.

Vinnie told RevolverTV that he was very proud of the record, which he says pulls in influences from a lot of different styles of music.

I’m loving the record, everything that we’ve done to this point I’m really proud of. It picks up where the last record left off. It’s a little more Southern, a little more rock and roll; it’s got some very, very metal moments on it, too.

I’m very excited – the last Hellyeah record was pretty cool, so if this can push the band’s playing forward a few more notches then this could be a very awesome album.

Here’s hoping they bring the tour to a good few places here in the UK, too!