The Metallica concert was undisturbed during the riots.

Video footage has been released by the Associated Press of hundreds of Metallica fans rioting at a gig the band were playing in Bogota, Colombia.

Police have said that around 160 people were arrested and one person was stabbed during the pre-planned riots, which broke out as some fans attempted to break through police and security barriers at the concert on Wednesday (10th March) last week.

Columbian media has reported that four ‘fans’ and four police officers were injured during the riots, with one person being treated for knife wounds.

Bogotan police, who were expecting trouble to break out, deployed more than 1,500 officers in addition to four tanks and and several police trucks. Police ended up also having to use water cannons, tear gas and officers on horseback to control the rioting concert goers.

Around 30,000 fans had managed to buy tickets for the concert, which was undisturbed and uninterrupted as the riots raged outside the arena walls. A few hundred ticketless fans had planned to ‘crash the gig’

Ruben Castillo, a local police chief, told Sky News:

“Those people that did not get in wanted to get in by force.

“The presence of police and riot teams was necessary because these misfits – there’s no other name for them – damaged some windows in the surrounding area.”

Mr Castillo also told Sky News that rioters damaged traffic lights and broke down several walls so that they could use large rocks and missiles to both damage the area and attack police.

The riots come after a Metallica gig earlier in the year was also tainted by violent riots. In January, Chilean Metallica fans clashed with police at the band’s gig in Santiago, resulting in 120 arrests.