Infestation is looking to be truly some of Ratt's best work - roll on the release on April 20th!

Legendary 80s rockers Ratt are back; today they released the video for their latest single, which comes off their upcoming album Infestation – the bands first album in 11 years.

The track, Best Of Me, is the first single the band have released off the soon-to-be-released album – a follow up to the incredibly bland and disappointing self-titled Ratt album from 1999.

But this video cements one fact right from the very start – Ratt are back, and they’re bringing their epic 80s sound back with a vengeance. Since the single’s release about a month ago, fans have been hailing it as the return of ‘Ratt N Roll’ and if this video is anything to go by then the album definitely will be.

The establishing shot of theom Sunset Boulevard sign, coupled with the crunching 80s-style opening riff hold your attention before the rest of the band enters the song and grabs you firmly by the balls. The epic, almost Steve Vai-esque, lead guitar lick cries out in typical 80s arena-rock fashion.

You can picture the thousands-deep crowds, massive stages and falmboyant pyrotechnics as vocalist Stephen Pearcy growls out the vocals over images of guitars, women and alcohol.

Then you don’t have to even picture the scene, as the rest of the music video plays out as an epic Ratt gig – man how I wish I could’ve got a spot appearing in that video! (Fingers crossed Ratt do a worldwide tour to promote Infestation!)

Lead guitarist Warren DeMartini told music blog Noisecreep that the band were confident the fans of ‘Ratt N Roll’ will love both the track and the video.

“The video is a visual ode about today’s 21st century mass media and information age overload mixed with unabridged smokin’ live performance.

“We know Ratt fans will like it as much as we liked shooting it.”

This really is a return to form for Ratt. Their output in the 80s was so epic and legendary – Ratt’s famous track Round And Round is a staple 80s rock song – and their last album effort was so lacklustre and ‘un-Ratt’, for want of a better phrase, that it’s like the band are saying “Y’know what, fuck being different – let’s do what we do best and just fucking rock“.

That’s not a quote, by the way, but after watching this video and listening to the track it just might as well be!

The band have also released a second single off the album, titled Eat Me Up Alive – kicking almost as much ass as Best Of Me, and closer to heavy metal than hair metal.

The album Infestation is penned for an April 20th release date – get pre-ordering folks; Ratt N Roll is back!