Peter Steele - 1962-2010. RIP

Earlier today Josh Silver, keyboardist in Type O Negative, confirmed the rumours of the untimely death of his fellow bandmate Pete Steele; bassist and frontman in the gothic metal band.

The reports have proven this is not yet another hoax surrounding Steele’s death, as many people have speculated.

Internet rumours were rife last night that the 48-year-old metal bassist had died of a heart failure – these rumours were confirmed today through an official statement released on the band’s website.

Earlier today, prior to the official statement released on the Type O Negative website, the speculation was confirmed by Fuse VJ, and friend of Pete Steele, Mistress Julia through two Tweets on her Twitter account.

The first confirmed Steele’s death and the second confirmed that he had died of heart failure; Mistress Julia had apparently spoken to Type O Negative guitarist Kenny Hickey who verified the reports surrounding the cause of death.

Mistress Juliya’s Tweets, confirming Pete Steele’s heart failure and death.

Blabbermouth has deatiled uinconfirmed reports that Steele was seriously ill in the days leading up to his death – these have yet to be verified.

Tributes have been pouring in all day for the Type O Negative, and ex-Carnivore, bassist from fellow metalheads in bands such as Biohazard and Hatebreed.

Steele truly was a heavy metal inspiration to all and he will be sorely missed – today has been yet another dark day for metal. My thoughts are truly with Pete’s family, friends and bandmates.

I will leave you with one of Type O Negative‘s most well known songs – Black No. 1.

RIP  Peter Steele – 1962-2010