Hello to all you axe wielding maniacs out there!

Welcome to Six Strings And A Pick, a (long-winded titled) blog for all your guitar-related news and reviews, with some features thrown in for good measure. From the latest stunning guitars, to beautiful amps, down to cutting-edge stomp boxes – it’s all here. Not to mention all the crap which I’ll wade through to bring you the best.

Whether your weapon of choice has six, seven, eight or even 12 strings then there’s something for you here at Six Strings And A Pick. Hell, even you four-string fellas are welcome here – I don’t discriminate against basses!

We all love playing guitar and even though your wife/spouse/parents might not get just how important owning more bits of gear than pairs of trousers is, I sure do.

I thinks it's important to play to my strengths, and clearly that's not trousers.

This isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life; a form of expression; even just an outlet for a shitty day at work.

Come on in, pull up a pick.

Let’s jam.


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