Infestation is looking to be truly some of Ratt's best work - roll on the release on April 20th!

Legendary 80s rockers Ratt are back; today they released the video for their latest single, which comes off their upcoming album Infestation – the bands first album in 11 years.

The track, Best Of Me, is the first single the band have released off the soon-to-be-released album – a follow up to the incredibly bland and disappointing self-titled Ratt album from 1999.

But this video cements one fact right from the very start – Ratt are back, and they’re bringing their epic 80s sound back with a vengeance. Since the single’s release about a month ago, fans have been hailing it as the return of ‘Ratt N Roll’ and if this video is anything to go by then the album definitely will be.

The establishing shot of theom Sunset Boulevard sign, coupled with the crunching 80s-style opening riff hold your attention before the rest of the band enters the song and grabs you firmly by the balls. The epic, almost Steve Vai-esque, lead guitar lick cries out in typical 80s arena-rock fashion.

You can picture the thousands-deep crowds, massive stages and falmboyant pyrotechnics as vocalist Stephen Pearcy growls out the vocals over images of guitars, women and alcohol.

Then you don’t have to even picture the scene, as the rest of the music video plays out as an epic Ratt gig – man how I wish I could’ve got a spot appearing in that video! (Fingers crossed Ratt do a worldwide tour to promote Infestation!)

Lead guitarist Warren DeMartini told music blog Noisecreep that the band were confident the fans of ‘Ratt N Roll’ will love both the track and the video.

“The video is a visual ode about today’s 21st century mass media and information age overload mixed with unabridged smokin’ live performance.

“We know Ratt fans will like it as much as we liked shooting it.”

This really is a return to form for Ratt. Their output in the 80s was so epic and legendary – Ratt’s famous track Round And Round is a staple 80s rock song – and their last album effort was so lacklustre and ‘un-Ratt’, for want of a better phrase, that it’s like the band are saying “Y’know what, fuck being different – let’s do what we do best and just fucking rock“.

That’s not a quote, by the way, but after watching this video and listening to the track it just might as well be!

The band have also released a second single off the album, titled Eat Me Up Alive – kicking almost as much ass as Best Of Me, and closer to heavy metal than hair metal.

The album Infestation is penned for an April 20th release date – get pre-ordering folks; Ratt N Roll is back!


Find out what's been blasting through my speakers over the past week!

Welcome to Tom’s Pick Of The Week – something which I’m hoping will become a bit of a regular weekly post over here at Six Strings And A Pick.

I’m not sure whether it’s because, so far, this blog has been lacking in personal touch (I’ve very much just been reporting news) or whether it’s because nothing really happens in the music biz over the weekend in terms of press output and I just don’t like seeing my stats chart take a nosedive when there’s nothing to report.

Whichever makes me look better. I think the personal thing does, so we’ll go with that!

Basically, each weekend I’ll sum up my week’s listening in a nice Top 5 of stand-out songs, and why they’re so killer. You folk will appreciate it more than the friends on my Facebook list will appreciate being bombarded with status updates on why what I’m listening to is better than what they’re listening to.

Not that I’m intolerant or anything.

This kind brings me to my number one… (So here comes my first top 5, folks – expect future posts to be lacking in the past few pars of waffle!)


Greatest metal album of all time? Comment with your thoughts!

‘Rust In Peace’, Megadeth’s sensational and undoubtedly most famous record in their repertoire, has been award the title of ‘Greatest Metal Album of All Time’ over at The BNR Metal Pages website.

The site, a fan-run site which has been an online bible of heavy metal information since 1995, held a tournament-style poll which pit an array of heavy metal albums in one-to-one battles until all but two were eliminated for the final voting showdown.

Rust In Peace fought off such metal staples as Black Sabbath’s ‘Heaven And Hell‘ and Slayer’s ‘Reign In Blood‘ to face, in an almost comedic final choice, Metallica’s infamous ‘Master of Puppets‘.

Seems like Dave Mustaine can’t even escape his rivalry with Metallica in the polls…

In what was almost certainly a close call, and might be a controversial choice outside of the BNR community, Rust In Piece came out on top. While (the track) Master of Puppets is one of the most famous metal tracks of all time, does that make it better?

I think not. Rust In Piece deservedly gained its title in this poll, given that the album is a heavier, more relentless effort than MoP and just overall the more memorable metal album. Metallica fans can shoot me down all they like. This is simply my retort:

Rust in peace…

You'll have to be quick to be able to grab one of these rare bad boys

This year Ibanez will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of  seven-string guitars, through the release of the highly limited 1990 Reissue Universe, with its number one endorsee, Steve Vai.

The uniquely ‘swirled’ seven-string guitars will be available in “highly limited numbers” according to Ibanez (though they have yet to reveal how ‘highly’ they mean) and are replicas of the many models Mr Vai had made for him in 1990.

Sporting the amazing paint-swirl design that epitomises the trippy creativity that Steve Vai is so famous for, the guitar features a basswood body, rosewood fingerboard, five-piece maple neck and a slightly tapered ‘C’ shape to the neck contour.

On the hardware side of things this seven-stringed sensation is loaded with two DiMarzio BLAZE humbuckers (in the bridge and neck positions) and a single-coil version in the middle pickup. Topped off with a Ibanez Low-Pro floating bridge, the guitar really opens up loads of playing possibilities.

These psychadelic axes are the holy grail for Steve Vai fans

A video released on Steve Vai’s official YouTube channel tells the story of how he collaborated with the guitar giant 20 years ago. In it, he explains how he stumbled across the idea of a seven-string purely by accident.

“I was sitting in a room with one of the guys from Ibanez and he was telling me about a guitar he had that had eight strings, and I said […] ‘Seven strings I can understand’ and it was then I thought up the idea of putting a seventh string on a guitar.”

Steve goes on to say how the mere idea of a seven string, and particularly when he finally had some killer prototypes in his hands, really opened up a huge number of possibilities in his playing.

Some of which are incredibly apparent on the album he was recording at the time, Passion And Warfare.

Check out the video, as well as the product page on the Ibanez Japan website and the cool ‘1987-2010 JEM & Universe Chronicle’ which let’s you feast you eyes on Steve Vai’s immense array of guitars over the past 23 years.

Given the highly limited nature of these axes, and the way they’re produced, they’re not gonna be cheap so you best get saving now!

35 years and still rocking - Lemmy and the boys have still got it!

2010 marks Motorhead’s 35 years together as a band, and to commemerate this momentous date in metal history, the band will be playing 15 dates in the UK as part of their world-wide tour.

Starting on the 8th November this year, at the Music Hall in Aberdeen, Motorhead will make their way across Britain finishing up in Brighton on 28th November.

Tickets will cost £26 for all venues, excluding London which will cost £32.50 (plus any additional booking fees or postage costs for those ordering online).

Tickets go on sale as of tomorrow (19th March) so get buying quick – God only knows what these slips of rock and roll glory will cost once they reach the innevitable mark-up hell of eBay!

The dates are as follows:

  • Nov. 08 – Aberdeen, UK – Music Hall
  • Nov. 09 – Glasgow, UK – O2 Academy
  • Nov. 10 – Newcastle, UK – City Hall
  • Nov. 12 – Blackburn, UK – St. George’s Hall
  • Nov. 13 – Llandudno, UK – Arena
  • Nov. 15 – Derby, UK – Assembly Rooms
  • Nov. 16 – Manchester, UK – Apollo
  • Nov. 18 – Leicester, UK – De Montfort Hall
  • Nov. 19 – Bristol, UK – Colston Hall
  • Nov. 21 – Southampton, UK – Guildhall
  • Nov. 22 – Cambridge, UK – Corn Exchange
  • Nov. 24 – Wolverhampton, UK – Civic
  • Nov. 25 – Leeds, UK – O2 Academy
  • Nov. 27 – London, UK – Brixton O2 Academy
  • Nov. 28 – Brighton, UK – Centre

Source: Metal Hammer

The Metallica concert was undisturbed during the riots.

Video footage has been released by the Associated Press of hundreds of Metallica fans rioting at a gig the band were playing in Bogota, Colombia.

Police have said that around 160 people were arrested and one person was stabbed during the pre-planned riots, which broke out as some fans attempted to break through police and security barriers at the concert on Wednesday (10th March) last week.

Columbian media has reported that four ‘fans’ and four police officers were injured during the riots, with one person being treated for knife wounds.

Bogotan police, who were expecting trouble to break out, deployed more than 1,500 officers in addition to four tanks and and several police trucks. Police ended up also having to use water cannons, tear gas and officers on horseback to control the rioting concert goers.

Around 30,000 fans had managed to buy tickets for the concert, which was undisturbed and uninterrupted as the riots raged outside the arena walls. A few hundred ticketless fans had planned to ‘crash the gig’

Ruben Castillo, a local police chief, told Sky News:

“Those people that did not get in wanted to get in by force.

“The presence of police and riot teams was necessary because these misfits – there’s no other name for them – damaged some windows in the surrounding area.”

Mr Castillo also told Sky News that rioters damaged traffic lights and broke down several walls so that they could use large rocks and missiles to both damage the area and attack police.

The riots come after a Metallica gig earlier in the year was also tainted by violent riots. In January, Chilean Metallica fans clashed with police at the band’s gig in Santiago, resulting in 120 arrests.

Be honest, you saw it coming. After their Extreme Love Tips spread in Front magazine, a sextacular Mother’s Day message was bound be coming your way.

So check out the message for all UK mothers that the band put together, courtesy of Metal Hammer magazine.

Happy Mother’s Day!