March 17th, 7.30pm - be there and you could win an HT5 too!

 Blackstar make arguably some of the greatest valve amplifiers and pedals that money can buy, and with their new HT Venue range right around the corner they’ve decided to host a demo night with one their prized endorsees – Jamie Humphries. 

The event is taking place next Wednesday, the 17th March, at the Stoke Pub Function Room in Guilford – tickets cost £5, and are available here.

It’s being held in conjunction with Andertons Music and string/guitar producer extrordinares Ernie Ball who, to show their gratitude, will be giving everyone who attends a free pack of EB strings. 

Finally, freebies we can use! Makes a change from all those wafer-thin guitar picks…

The showcase will run from 8pm-10pm (doors at 7.30pm) and will have neck-master endorsee Jamie Humphries showing off the whole HT Venue line, using an array of Ernie Ball Music Man guitars.

The man himself is a real expert of guitar playing who, in addition to all his promotional work with Blackstar, does scores of instructional videos for the highly-revered Lick Library website and DVD collection.

Check out the man himself shredding on his YouTube channel.

Blackstar have yet to showcase their fancy new HT Venue range of amps in the flesh, which include 20, 40 and 60 watt combos, (as well as various head versions and matching cabs) that should plug the gap between the high-end Series One amps and low wattage HT-5 amps that the company produces.Jamie Humphries, along with other Blackstar reps, will be on hand to demo the amps and show you the way around the new gear.

If you want a preview to what you can get your hands on at the event, then have a watch of this Andertons video demo of the HT20 and HT40 combos.

A fiver for an evening with some of the best valve amps available, demonstrated by a truly talented player. Throw in the free pack of strings and it’s a pretty sweet deal!

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit the Andertons product page here.